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# About Me

Some more or less useful information

I was born in 1992 in Essen and got my first computer in really young years.
Computers always fascinated me, and already in primary school I had the wish to work in IT industrie.

In early years I had fun creating websites (ok simple html documents) with WYSIWYG editors.
Less than a year later I started to learn HTML by myself to be a bit more flexible than with using WYSIWYS editors.
I also learned CSS to style my websites and JavaScript to add some more dynamic features.
After some time the static HTML pages got too static and I started to look for ways to get more dynamic content by the users actions.
Within a short time I found the scripting language PHP and started to learn it.
Some month later I added MySQL Database support to my scripts. From there on I was in the web development business.
From time to time until now I improved my programming skills and learned more scripting and programming languages.
After school I got an apprenticeship in my dream job: as a developer (ok, my full dream job was always to be in game development).

# Experience

Work life

I'm currently working as a J2EE Software Engineer at the GFOS mbH in Essen.

  • GFOS mbH / Apprentice J2EE Development 2012 - 2014
  • GFOS mbH / J2EE Software Engineer 2014 - present

# Skills

My programming and scripting skills

Here are some of my programming, scripting, layouting languages and database systems (in no special order) I am able to write code in:

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript (incl. jQuery)
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Java
  • J2EE (JSF)
  • C/C++ (basic knowledge)
  • Pascal/Delphi (basic knowledge)
  • Objective-C (very basic knowledge)
  • VisualBasic(.NET)
  • Bash
  • Batch
  • MySQL & MariaDB
  • SQLite
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle SQL

# Education

Where I went to school

After I finished middle school I switched to the Heinz-Nixdorf-Berufskolleg in Essen with focus on IT where I finished with a technical diploma.

# Portfolio

Some of my projects

# Contact

Legal information

According to ยง 28 BDSG I contradict any commercial use and disclosure of my personal information.
It is specifically asked to only contact via e-mail, please use our contact form!

  • Germany

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